2022 GALY Trainee Program: build collaborative technology solutions for a smarter world

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Saving the planet. One cell at a time.

Cotton is one of the most environmentally devastating crops in the world. But not ours. We are the movers and the shakers that have taken the leap from traditional agriculture to cellular agriculture. So far, we’ve developed a sustainable fiber that isn’t limited to farmland - in vitro cotton. We’re proud to announce that our cotton uses 78% less water, 81% less land, and produces 80% less CO2 emissions all while growing 10x faster than field grown cotton without the use of any pesticides. We’re just getting started!

Our mission is to change the world through technology

And we understand that through a collaborative and open to new learnings construction, we go much further. Together. Purpose drives our Open Build culture, which is all about cultivating collective effort – and you can be part of it. Experience and learning sharing result in structuring an impactful community. We are now open for applications for the 2022 GALY Trainee Program for scientists driven by curiosity, enthusiasm, and the will to transform the world. Learn more about our culture and be part of the revolution.
  • Collaboration

    We want the best you can bring to add to the best of everyone who makes GALY what it is today. Be free to collaborate in your own way and help us revolutionize the world, more and more.
  • Collective

    Amazing minds in unity create a much more amazing and complete product. When we look at GALY, we see a group that works and shares the day. We only exist because we are a scientific collective with a clear mission.
  • Science

    We are driven by the goal to change the world through cellular agriculture via advanced technologies, disruptive ideas and applications that are already revolutionizing cotton production in multiple industries.
Be the change
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You can be a change agent

Be an #OpenBuilder

We care for our people


We have benefits so that our team has freedom and feels happy and fulfilled to be part of GALY.

  • Comprehensive medical coverage, dental, and vision options
  • 401(k) with company match
  • Life and disability insurance
  • Paid vacation and holidays


  • Learn A LOT
  • Be part of a first-class team
  • Have autonomy to make decisions (not endless meetings, not here)
  • Participate in a high impact Project
  • Be in an informal environment with horizontal hierarchy
I want to be one too!

What is it like to be an #OpenBuilder?

  • Alanna Jones

    Operations Specialist

    "Being a part of GALY is unlike any place I've worked before. It's fast paced, diverse, and challenging yet rewarding. Every day is a new adventure which keeps it exciting! I mean, who doesn't want to change the world? Growing up, I've always wanted to change the world. It's so exciting to be a part of the team at GALY who all feels the same. What we're creating is special and we all know it!"
  • Anat Tewari

    Jr. Scientist

    "I feel both nurtured and pushed at GALY. Almost like learning how to be a trapeze artist, and my safety net is the growing GALY family. A kind of place where you can dream big, but are expected to have a game plan to make that dream into reality."
  • Luiz Mori

    Research Associate

    "Here at GALY we transform the way we do traditional science into an art form: scientists have a state-of-the-art facility as a blank canvas and many opportunities and tool as paintbrushes. With a wide range of diversity and backgrounds, we're painting a sustainable and bright future together!"

A little more about us

  • Interview process

    Steps may vary depending on the position, but these are some ways we get to know each other:

    • Review your resume and cover letter
    • Online interviews (behavior, technical, and vision analysis are made)
    • Assessments (depending on the position)
    • Debriefing call
  • GALY

    We have two work schedules: 8am to 5pm, or 9am to 6pm, which may vary slightly. Our offices are in Sunderland, MA, USA and São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil, and our dress code is to be true to yourself. We want you to be comfortable enough to do your best!

    If you want to know more about what it is like to work at GALY from people who experience this emotion on a daily basis, talk to us! We promise total transparency and willingness to answer your questions.

  • Scenario

    We are a Series A stage company, which means that we are small enough for excitement and opportunity to build everything from scratch, but we are also mature enough to give you confidence that we are on the right track.

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